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By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 28, 2019

Sadly, sometimes a family is split up. Maybe the mum and dad decide to live apart, maybe the mum or the daddies. After a time, the mum or dad may start a new relationship. That may lead to the child having not just a new mum or dad, but perhaps…

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Tips to Help you Cope with Depression

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 25, 2019

While we all feel moody, sad or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, without any apparent reason, and sometimes for long periods of time. Depression is more than just a low mood, it is a serious condition that has an impact on both mental and…

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When Your Parents Split Up

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 22, 2019

Sometimes mum or dad, or both of them, decide that they would rather not live together anymore. They may choose to live apart for a while or they may choose to stay apart forever. If they are legally married they may choose to divorce. If they are in a ‘de-facto’…

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Family Conflict

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 18, 2019

Home should be a place where everyone can feel safe and cared for. It is sad when families are in conflict, especially at home. It is hard on adults and kids too. Everything is always changing, nothing in life stays the same. You may have been in the happiest family…

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Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyle

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 16, 2019

A healthy lifestyle can help reduce the likelihood that you will have some pregnancy health problems. Healthy eating in pregnancy can improve your health and wellbeing. It is also important for your baby’s growth and development. You might have sudden cravings for foods you do not usually eat. This is…

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Teenage Development

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 11, 2019

In the early teenage years, there are a lot of changes: physical, emotional and social. During this time, teenage bodies, emotions, and identities change in different ways at different times. Physical changes For boys, physical changes usually start around 11-12 years – but any time between 9 and 14 years…

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Building Healthy Relationships

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 9, 2019

Healthy relationships with your partner and family members can enhance your life and make everyone feel good about themselves. They don’t just happen though; healthy relationships take time to build and need work to keep them healthy. The more positive effort you put into a relationship, the healthier it should…

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Help your Teenager to Deal with Depression

By Family Kickstart Georgia | January 4, 2019

Help your teenager to set realistic goals Encourage your teenager to set realistic goals. Also, help them to think of different ways in which they can achieve their goals and to select the best one. Set an example for your teenager by showing them how to do things that need…

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