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Depression – How can I be Supportive?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | November 16, 2018

Treat the person with respect and dignity Each person’s situation and needs are unique. It is important to respect the person’s autonomy while considering the extent to which they are able to make decisions for themselves, and whether they are at risk of harming themselves or others. Equally, you should…

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Reduce your Child’s Risk of Developing Depression and Clinical Anxiety

By Family Kickstart Georgia | November 12, 2018

During adolescence, a lot of changes are occurring in a person’s behavior, thinking and emotions, as the brain is still developing. This can make it difficult to know whether a change is due to depression or clinical anxiety, or is part of normal adolescent development; during adolescence, people experience stronger…

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Keeping the Rules (Discipline)

By Family Kickstart Georgia | November 9, 2018

Even some people may think that discipline is about punishment, discipline is about learning and keeping the rules, to keep ourselves and others happy and safe. Your home is the first and most important place in your life, but it is also the most dangerous place where most accidents that…

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What is Emotional Abuse?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | November 7, 2018

Having a satisfying romantic relationship takes hard work. Knowing what to expect from a relationship and what you want from it, and how to communicate with and listen to your partner, are really important aspects of having a good relationship. Aspects of emotional abuse are involved in many unhealthy relationships.…

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Running Away from Home

By Family Kickstart Georgia | November 5, 2018

Have you ever been in trouble at home or at school and thought to yourself, “I will run away and then they will be sorry!” There are numerous reasons why kids run away from home, however, they all have something to do with one or more of these problems: at…

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health

By Family Kickstart Georgia | November 2, 2018

When someone first starts to use drugs, it is called substance abuse. We say someone is addicted to drugs when they have no control over whether they want to use the drug or not. That person feels that they HAVE to have that drug. Substance use disorders are a major…

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Signs of Mental Health Issues

By Family Kickstart Georgia | October 31, 2018

What are the symptoms of a mental illness? If loved one or a friend does not seem themselves, how do you notice the difference between something serious or just a bad mood? Crying all the time, drinking too much or any other ongoing, significant change in a person’s behaviors, thoughts…

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Mental Health in Early Childhood

By Family Kickstart Georgia | October 29, 2018

Early childhood mental health is a young child’s ability to: experience, express and regulate emotions form close and secure interpersonal relationships explore the environment and learn all in the context of family, community and cultural expectations for young children. Keeping children happy and healthy involves looking after their mental health…

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