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What is Addiction?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 15, 2019

Addiction is a word that usually refers to drugs. When someone first uses drugs, we call it substance abuse. We say someone is addicted to drugs when they have no control over whether they want to use the drug or not. That person feels that they have to have that drug.…

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Preventing Violence Against Women

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 11, 2019

It is never too early to talk with your child about respectful relationships. Early conversations and role- modeling will help your child develop and maintain respectful relationships throughout life. Also, open, early conversations also send the message that your child can come to you to talk about his relationships. As…

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Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 8, 2019

Panic disorder is not the same as anxiety or a single panic attack. Symptoms of panic disorder include frequent and unexpected panic attacks. Most people experience anxiety and up to 40 percent of us have a panic attack at some stage during our lives. People who have recurring panic attacks…

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The Whole Family Can Learn Together

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 6, 2019

Families encourage learning in lots of fun ways, making a big difference in their children’s growth and development. Families can make a big difference by helping children to learn new things, reading and supporting their interests. Who is a family? All the people who share in the caring and nurturing…

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Blogging and Posting Photos about Your Child

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 4, 2019

Posting comments about or photos of your child can be a nice way to share your child’s special moments. Images of your child and comments about him cannot be entirely removed from the internet, they become part of his digital footprint. Find out how your child feels about you posting…

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Heart Disease and Stroke

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 1, 2019

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States, and the troubling truth about heart disease doesn’t stop there. Every 34 seconds, someone has a heart disease-related event, about 787,650 Americans die from heart disease each year, on average, over 2,150 Americans die from heart disease each day, with…

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Our Lifestyle and Wellbeing

By Family Kickstart Georgia | February 27, 2019

Getting enough sleep, eating healthily, exercising regularly, and avoiding alcohol and other drugs can help you keep your mental health on track, and improve your overall wellbeing. Exercise Exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our health and wellbeing, but sometimes even with the best…

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Warning Signs of Suicide

By Family Kickstart Georgia | February 25, 2019

Almost everyone who is thinking about suicide will usually give warnings or signs to people around them. The best way to prevent suicide is to recognize these warning signs, take them seriously and act on them. A person might show they are considering suicide in how they feel, talk and…

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