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Your Child Says ‘It Hurts’ – What to Do?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 19, 2017

They don’t have a fever, you know it is not a flu or cold, there are no symptoms presenting, yet they still insist they’re sore. What you should do next? It can be an emotional time, having a sick child at home. It can be extremely frustrating, throw in the…

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Few Tips for Helping Sick Kids Sleep

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 18, 2017

When a kid is sick they just want their mum, it’s a well-known fact. Who can blame them? It is also a well-known, when kids are sick, they generally have trouble sleeping: pains and aches, high fevers and persistent coughing all turn a restful sleep into the impossible dream. And…

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By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 15, 2017

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic health condition and it is fastest growing chronic disease. A disorder in which the body cannot make proper use of carbohydrates in food because the pancreas does not make enough insulin or the insulin produced is ineffective is diabetes. From the digestion of…

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High Blood Pressure

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 15, 2017

What is blood pressure? The pressure of your blood against the inner walls of your arteries as it is pumped around the body by your heart is blood pressure. The flow of blood in your arteries and your blood pressure falls and rises, as your heart pumps, in a regular…

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Anxiety – An Overview for Parents

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 11, 2017

What is anxiety? An inherent response to a perceived threat is anxiety, and normal levels of anxiety can assist people to solve problems more efficiently and to be motivated and more focused. Everybody experiences anxiety sometimes, especially when faced with stressful, dangerous or unfamiliar situations. Most of the anxiety that…

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Water safety after floods, cyclones and other disasters

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 4, 2017

Drinking water A boil water alert is issued for areas connected to mains scheme water, sometimes following a disaster, because the mains water may be unsafe to cook with or drink. If a boil water alert has been issued, it is essential you follow that warning to prevent illness. To prepare…

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What is Mental Health?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 3, 2017

Good mental health is a sense of confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. It enables us to fully appreciate and enjoy day-to-day, our environment and other people. When we are mentally healthy we can: reach our potential, using our abilities form positive relationships easy deal with life’s challenges. How can we improve…

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Risk Taking Understanding

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 2, 2017

What is risk taking? Testing the boundaries and trying new things occurs across all developmental stages from birth to old age. When it involves engaging in activities that have the potential to result in harm to oneself or others, it’s defined as risk taking. However, the potential for negative outcomes…

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