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Crying Baby

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 1, 2017

In the early weeks, babies often cry a lot and some babies cry a lot more than others. The main way babies have of letting us know when they need help is crying, but why baby crying is not always easy to work out. Each day some babies cry for 2…

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Kids: Let's Talk about Abuse

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 1, 2017

All kids have the right to be safe… All families are different.  Sometimes what seems every day normal life in one family will not be normal in another.  When you visit your friend from another culture, you may have noticed that they might eat foods that are not the same…

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Babies and Young Children in Hot Weather

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 20, 2017

Heat can quickly stress babies and young children, because they are very sensitive to the effects of high temperatures. It is very important to watch them closely and to keep them from getting dehydrated or hot, as they rely on others to take care of them. Signs of heat stress…

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Your Child's Habits

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 19, 2017

All children have behaviors that comfort and soothe them. Sometimes these develop into habits that embarrass, annoy or worry parents. Habits can start when a child is bored, stressed or tired, but they can continue after the reason has gone. Most habits are not a cause for concern and they…

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Families that work well

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 15, 2017

The most important part of a child’s life is a family. A caring, loving family can help create resilient, confident children, while an unhappy family can lead to a range of problems for children. While there are many different styles of parenting and forms of family, it is hard to…

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Being a parent – ”Easy” Guide

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 11, 2017

A role that can bring you happiness and great joy as well as challenges to deal with is being a parent. Watching your child grow your child and nurturing them and develop into their own unique person can add purpose and meaning to your life. Looking after yourself, so you…

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Dealing with a crisis

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 9, 2017

In our lives, when we have stress, it is often a time when we make changes for the better. However, if feel we cannot cope any more and we get too stressed, then we are in crisis. Children need to feel safe, in crisis and know that there is someone…

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Overweight Children and Childhood Obesity

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 2, 2017

It’s time to take action, if your child is overweight. There are simple steps you can take, to help your child move towards a healthy weight. Your child’s weight matters, because it will affect their health now and in the future. It is more likely, overweight children to grow up…

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