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Why hand washing is so important?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | April 15, 2017

Good hand washing protects against the spread of many illnesses – from the common cold (which is responsible for 22 million lost school days each year), to more serious illnesses such meningitis, flu, hepatitis A, and more types of infectious diarrhea. Kids don’t always wash their hands after using the…

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Sleep – How Much Is Enough For Your Babies?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | April 13, 2017

Probably the most-discussed aspect of baby care is sleep or lack of it. The quantity and quality of their baby’s sleep affect the well-being of everyone in the household. And sleep struggles rarely end when a child moves from a crib to a bed. Instead of cries, it’s pleas or refusals;…

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Feeding Your Baby

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 31, 2017

When becoming new parents, there are many decisions to make. One of them is how you will feed your baby, so it is helpful to be well informed when making a decision about it. Importance of breastfeeding Breast milk provides many benefits for a baby as well as the mother…

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Having a baby changes your life

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 25, 2017

Having a baby changes your life, there is a new little person to get to know, love and care for. Many new moms and dads have very minimal experience with babies until their first baby comes along and can create anxiety, emotional and unexpected feelings. If you are one of…

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