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Family Learn at Play, Every Day!

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 28, 2017

Literacy is more than writing and reading. It’s how we make meaning, how we make sense of the world. It’s what we put in and what we take out, it involves all of our senses. Taking time each day to engage in a learning activity will improve your children’s skills dramatically…

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Colds, Coughs and Ear Infections in Children

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 25, 2017

It is common for young children to get the odd cold, cough or even ear infection. Colds It’s normal for a child to have eight or more colds a year. There are hundreds of different cold viruses and young children have no immunity to any of them as they’ve never…

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911 – Teaching Your Child How to Use

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 23, 2017

Arming your kids with the skills to handle the obstacles life presents is one of the challenges of being a parent. How to use 911 in an emergency could be one of the most important and simplest lessons you’ll ever teach them. Talking With Kids About 911 For all types…

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Cyberbullying – An Overview for Parents

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 22, 2017

Conflicts between young people and children are a normal part of growing up. Because of this, adults may mistake cyberbullying and/or bullying for normal childhood conflict when in fact, they are a lot more serious and potentially very harmful. Cyberbullying is complex and may include: Sharing and posting nasty, rude…

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Treating your child’s Fever!

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 20, 2017

If your child has a fever and is older than 6 months, probably does not need to be treated for the fever unless it is uncomfortable. Watch your child behavior, if he is sleeping, eating and drinking normally, and is able to play, you should wait to see if the…

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Playing With Fire?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 18, 2017

Flames Get Dangerous Fast It will glow brightly and melt your marshmallows on your birthday cake’s candles. But did you know that many fires are started by kids or even a very small fire could get out of control and burn down a whole house? A fire can burn down…

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Pregnancy – Taking Care of Yourself

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 10, 2017

Eating Many girls are afraid to gain weight during pregnancy and worry about how their bodies look. But now, that you are eating for two, this is not a good time to go on a diet or cut calories. Both your baby and you need certain nutrients so the baby…

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Personal Hygiene – Preventing Infections

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 7, 2017

Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways we have to protect others and ourselves from illness. This means not only washing your body, but also your hands, especially. It means being careful not to sneeze or cough on others, cleaning things that you touch if you are…

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