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Adolescence: A Period of Changes

Adolescence is a tricky period of existence, which presents developmental challenges across the emotional, physical, and social dimensions of the lives of young people. Most adolescents have a very self-critical eye, and they can be absolutely focused on their physicality. They have a hyper-interest in how they are being perceived and ‘judged’ by others. This…

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Dealing with a crisis

In our lives, when we have stress, it is often a time when we make changes for the better. However, if feel we cannot cope any more and we get too stressed, then we are in crisis. Children need to feel safe, in crisis and know that there is someone they can rely on. Kids…

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How to Deal With Puberty?

The time when a young person’s sexual and reproductive organs mature is puberty. The body starts to make hormones that trigger growth and sexual development, before any physical changes happen. Puberty starts at around 10 years for girls and 12 years for boys, take or give a year or so. Physical changes can be seen…

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