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Dealing with Relationship Breakdowns

Breaking up is a tough time, it can be better or worse depending on how you deal with it. How you cope over that time will depend on your ability to manage your own thoughts and actions, and to recognize when things are out of hand. In other words, a relationship breakdown is a time…

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Tips to Help you Cope with Depression

While we all feel moody, sad or low from time to time, some people experience these feelings intensely, without any apparent reason, and sometimes for long periods of time. Depression is more than just a low mood, it is a serious condition that has an impact on both mental and physical health. One in eight…

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Problems, Facing Young People

Everyone has problems, but, sometimes things can get overwhelming or a particular issue might start to really get you down. Your reaction to your situation can put you at risk for more serious problems, such as: Mental health problems like anxiety or depression, psychotic episodes, eating disorders, schizophrenia (mental health problems are much more likely…

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Dealing with a crisis

In our lives, when we have stress, it is often a time when we make changes for the better. However, if feel we cannot cope any more and we get too stressed, then we are in crisis. Children need to feel safe, in crisis and know that there is someone they can rely on. Kids…

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