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Supportive Parenting Style

Research shows that there are four main styles that parents use: authoritarian, disengaged, permissive and supportive. Parents tend to use one style the most, even they use a mix of these. The supportive style works best for children’s development and well-being. This involves being warm and loving and providing clear support and guidance. Some ways…

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Living with a Chronic Health Condition

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic health condition? Wondering how you’ll cope? Chronic illnesses are mostly characterized by a condition that is long lasting, has many risk factors, complex causes, a long latency period, and which has a functional impairment or disability. A diagnosis of a chronic health condition such as diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis…

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Thinking about Suicide

Thinking about suicide does not make you weak or bad. There are people you can turn to for help. What does it mean to be suicidal? Feeling suicidal? You are not alone … On average, one person dies by suicide every seven hours in the state. In 2017 in Georgia 1,317 people died by suicide.…

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What is Help-seeking? The process of finding and receiving support from others is help-seeking. All of us experience tough times, but sometimes we can’t solve our problems by ourselves. Going through a difficult situation alone can be confusing, stressful, and exhausting. At these times, seeking assistance from friends and family or others can really help.…

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Few Tips for Helping Sick Kids Sleep

When a kid is sick they just want their mum, it’s a well-known fact. Who can blame them? It is also a well-known, when kids are sick, they generally have trouble sleeping: pains and aches, high fevers and persistent coughing all turn a restful sleep into the impossible dream. And if your kid isn’t sleeping,…

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