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Warning Signs of Suicide

Almost everyone who is thinking about suicide will usually give warnings or signs to people around them. The best way to prevent suicide is to recognize these warning signs, take them seriously and act on them. A person might show they are considering suicide in how they feel, talk and behave. How they feel and…

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Families with Disabled Children

Being disabled means not being able to do things that other person of the same age can do, like: • A person who cannot move his legs because of an injury (his legs are paralyzed) is disabled. • A person who cannot hear what the teacher is saying because he has a hearing loss is…

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Depression – How can I be Supportive?

Treat the person with respect and dignity Each person’s situation and needs are unique. It is important to respect the person’s autonomy while considering the extent to which they are able to make decisions for themselves, and whether they are at risk of harming themselves or others. Equally, you should respect the person’s privacy and…

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Communication Skills

What is communication? Communication is the way people share their feelings and thoughts. Communication skills are vital for building and maintaining relationships with family and friends, and for employment as well as success in school. Communication takes place when one person sends a message and another receives it, so it is a two-way process, in…

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Having a baby changes your life

Having a baby changes your life, there is a new little person to get to know, love and care for. Many new moms and dads have very minimal experience with babies until their first baby comes along and can create anxiety, emotional and unexpected feelings. If you are one of these parents, you will find…

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