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Help your Teenager to Deal with Depression

Help your teenager to set realistic goals Encourage your teenager to set realistic goals. Also, help them to think of different ways in which they can achieve their goals and to select the best one. Set an example for your teenager by showing them how to do things that need to be done, even tasks…

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Keeping the Rules (Discipline)

Even some people may think that discipline is about punishment, discipline is about learning and keeping the rules, to keep ourselves and others happy and safe. Your home is the first and most important place in your life, but it is also the most dangerous place where most accidents that happen to kids take place.…

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Children with Additional Needs and Mental Health

Understanding the link between mental health and children with additional needs in early childhood is the first step to supporting children with additional needs. What are additional needs? Differences exist among all people; one such as when a child has a disability or condition that requires some additional support. This may be, for example, a…

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Respect – A Way of Life

As you grow older and move out more into the world, you will meet many different people. We live in a very diverse society and if you have learned to respect others, then you will be able to fit in well within society. Respect has several meanings:   Having regard for others. That means accepting…

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Build with Me, Daddy!

Weekend activity for families, “Build with Me, Daddy!” event in a Marietta City School at Saturday 26. August 2017. This FREE event is being put on thanks to Communities In Schools of Marietta/Cobb County, Furthering Fathering, Marietta City Schools.

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