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Common Youth Mental Disorders

Major depressive disorder – the key feature is the presence of either depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure or being grouchy, irritable and in a bad mood. Symptoms of a major depressive disorder may include significant weight change, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, and restlessness, loss of energy, fatigue, feeling of worthlessness and inability…

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Using Technology to Support Youth Mental Health

Even there are many Youth Mental Health organizations, in some cases, patients fall through the cracks and how is a young person able to access a private psychologist when those most vulnerable are unable to pay the gap or traveling is too far? Having to wait six months on a public mental health waiting list…

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Youth Suicide Warning Signs

It’s quite common for young people to feel strong emotions while going through the ups and downs of adolescence. But for some young people, the downs can be so intense and extreme that they think about taking their own life. So how do you figure out what’s within a ‘normal range’ and when you should…

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