You may be Pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant, for example – you have missed a period, you have had unprotected sex or you are feeling nauseous, the first thing to do is find out for sure. In the meantime, a good idea would be to avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and recreational drugs. If you have done a home pregnancy test, and it was negative, and you still think you are pregnant, check with your doctor or a community health center. Many community health centers provide free confidential pregnancy tests and health care.

Once you have found out that you are pregnant it may face you with a lot of options and decision-making. Do not feel pressured by friends and family into deciding. Do what is right for you. It is very important to think things through before deciding. Basically, your choices are abortion, fostering, adoption or keeping the baby.


There are many reasons women experience an unplanned pregnancy, including contraception failure. If you are considering an abortion, speak to a health professional as soon as possible. These people will help you decide by providing the information you need and answer questions you have. It is also sometimes easier talking with someone who is not emotionally involved with you and your decision.


Foster care is when someone else cares for your baby temporarily. As it is not a permanent situation you can work towards having your baby in your care in the future if this is what you want. You can also see your baby while they are in foster care.


Adoption is a permanent and legal arrangement between you and the adoptive parents. There are new laws around “open adoption” where you can still see your child. If you are happy with the situation, it does not matter what anybody else thinks.

Keeping the baby

If you really want to keep baby because you do not agree with abortions, because it is basically murdered and you would love to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms, even your partner wants you to get rid of it because he is not ready.

Whatever you do, make sure it is what you want to do. He is simply scared, but honestly who is not. You are never ready. No one is. When the baby is here, you look back and think about how I could have even contemplated not having this child. Just remember if you have to you can do it alone. There are programs everywhere that will help single mothers.

Make your decision wisely and be happy with whatever you decide. It is your life and your child, only you know what is best. If you ever need help, do not hesitate to contact a friend or counselor. They are there to support you, and they would not judge you.