Youth Mental Health

Learn how to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people

The transition to adulthood is an extremely challenging period of life in which young people are maturing physically, mentally, personally and socially. Mental health is such an important issue across all age groups and experiences of mental illness can have profound impacts on the well being of individuals and young people.

Young people who do not receive the mental health supports, they need, can face many challenges including homelessness, suicidal tendencies, depression, and addiction. However, early intervention and prevention programs can make a positive impact towards positive mental well being and recovery, empowering communities to reach out to young people .

Mental health has continued to grow as an issue of concern for young people and despite recent efforts, the numbers of young people experiencing psychological and emotional distress continue to rise. This is not an issue that we can afford to ignore.

Family Kickstart Mental Health awareness seek to address the issue of mental health amongst teens using a proactive and early intervention preventive wrap around approach in working with young people in addressing the issue of mental health and addiction.