Our Mission and Program History

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Our Mission: 

Family Kickstart Georgia is non-profit committed to working with at-risk youth and families through engagement, and resourceful learning. We are committed to promoting full and healthy functioning by empowering and meaningfully engaging youth and families through mentorship, literacy, adult education training, and access to opportunities.



Empower Young Minds

Build Safe Communities

Minimize dependency


In 2016, Family Kickstart Georgia, in collaboration with partners, began to address emerging community needs to create innovative programs tailored towards minimizing dependency and promoting self-sufficiency within the community. The review of our mission, mandate and organization capacity during our planning provided the framework and clear boundaries in making strategic decisions and in responding promptly and realistically to the dynamic non-profit environment.

Our strategic priorities were established listening to the community and are focused on helping women and youth families within the community. Family Kickstart Georgia (FKSG) operates on Big Aunty/Big Uncle model becoming a listening ear, friend, and voice to vulnerable youths, women and their families. It provided us with a platform for evaluating our program capacity and program readiness.

One such decision agreed upon during the planning was the need to implement an in-school mentoring program in meeting with FKSG’s mission of delivering holistic services to our base.

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