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What should Toddlers Eat and How Much?

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 11, 2019

It is important to offer your toddler a range of foods. Children, less than 2 years of age should have full cream milk and milk products. They need the extra fat for their growth and development. After 2 years of age, children can drink reduced-fat kinds of milk with the…

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Marijuana Use and Youth: A Parent's Guide

By Family Kickstart Georgia | July 3, 2019

Marijuana (Cannabis) is the most commonly used drug by young people 15 to 30 years old. Although it has serious risks associated with its usage, people often times think marijuana is harmless. Marijuana impacts the development of teens. Because the bodies and brains of young people are still developing, marijuana has…

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Breastfeeding is good for Mother and a Baby

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 25, 2019

There are many health benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and a baby. It can reduce mother’s risk of developing some diseases such as cancer of the breast or ovaries and osteoporosis. Breastfeeding may help mother get back to pre-pregnancy weight sooner. The mother produces breastmilk as natural food…

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Baby Settle to Sleep

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 20, 2019

Babies need help to get to sleep and need much more sleep than their parents. They also need to sleep in shorter blocks of time, particularly in the early months of their life. Early on babies have short frequent periods of sleep throughout the day and it may feel you are…

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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 11, 2019

There is never a better time to improve your eating habits than when you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding. Good nutrition is important for your baby, even before conception. Aim to lead a healthy lifestyle before becoming pregnant. This includes being active and maintaining or working towards a…

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When Children Feeling Sick

By Family Kickstart Georgia | June 7, 2019

When we are not well, what we most want is someone to look after us, to give us food and sympathy and peace to rest. When children are sick, they need all of this and more. When they are unwell, and especially if they are in pain, children often feel…

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Young Women and Pregnancy

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 31, 2019

Being a young and finding out you are pregnant, especially if the pregnancy is unexpected and not wanted, can put enormous stress on a young woman and her family. However, once the pregnancy is confirmed the important thing is to support the young woman and to help her make the…

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Possible Signs of Child Sexual Abuse

By Family Kickstart Georgia | May 27, 2019

Parents may think a child is lying if they talk about sexual abuse, especially if it involves someone the family trusts. Children can make up stories about many things but they rarely make up stories or lie about sexual matters. If a child tells you someone is harming them: listen…

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