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How Alcohol Affects Your Body?

Many Americans enjoy a drink. In fact, in United States, most widely used social drug is alcohol. But like all drugs, alcohol can damage your body, especially if you drink in binges or heavily every day. Alcohol affects your body in many ways. Some effects are immediate and last only a while, while others accumulate over…

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Behind Closed Doors: Family Violence

Family violence (also called domestic violence or domestic abuse) is not only physical abuse but can be emotional, psychological, sexual,  spiritual, economic or legal abuse. All forms of family violence are unacceptable and illegal! In Georgia, family violence covers a range of behaviors committed by a person against a family member. All the behaviors aim…

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Why hand washing is so important?

Good hand washing protects against the spread of many illnesses – from the common cold (which is responsible for 22 million lost school days each year), to more serious illnesses such meningitis, flu, hepatitis A, and more types of infectious diarrhea. Kids don’t always wash their hands after using the bathroom, before eating, or when…

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Sleep – How Much Is Enough For Your Babies?

Probably the most-discussed aspect of baby care is sleep or lack of it. The quantity and quality of their baby’s sleep affect the well-being of everyone in the household. And sleep struggles rarely end when a child moves from a crib to a bed. Instead of cries, it’s pleas or refusals; instead of a 3 a.m. feeding,…

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