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Parents and Anger: What You Need to Know?

Every parent feels angry sometimes – anger is a normal human emotion, and it is normal to feel angry when you are a parent. But if you get angry a lot or you have trouble controlling yourself when you are angry, it is good to have some anger management techniques ready to go. Anger can…

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The Importance of Acceptance in a Relationship

Acceptance means living with and valuing differences in others. It is an important part of your relationship with your partner. It can also help you and your partner adjust to the changes that parenting brings. What is acceptance? Acceptance is about valuing your partner’s differences. It is about being flexible, knowing how to compromise and…

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You may be Pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant, for example – you have missed a period, you have had unprotected sex or you are feeling nauseous, the first thing to do is find out for sure. In the meantime, a good idea would be to avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and recreational drugs. If you have done a home…

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Why Managing your Money is Important?

Understanding your family’s finances and managing money will help you avoid debt and stress so you can better enjoy your family life together. Getting expenses under control can help you avoid stress and improve your family’s lifestyle. But it is normal to feel overwhelmed by money worries and financial options. Most families have a lot…

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What should Toddlers Eat and How Much?

It is important to offer your toddler a range of foods. Children, less than 2 years of age should have full cream milk and milk products. They need the extra fat for their growth and development. After 2 years of age, children can drink reduced-fat kinds of milk with the rest of the family. Do…

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Marijuana Use and Youth: A Parent's Guide

Marijuana (Cannabis) is the most commonly used drug by young people 15 to 30 years old. Although it has serious risks associated with its usage, people often times think marijuana is harmless. Marijuana impacts the development of teens. Because the bodies and brains of young people are still developing, marijuana has a higher risk of harming…

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