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Pregnancy and Your Mental Health

It can be a very exciting time, finding out you are pregnant, but it can also make you feel uncomfortable, worried, unwell and make you wonder how you are going to cope. It doesn’t stop when the baby arrives. Some mums find it easy to adjust to life with a new baby, but others don’t!…

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Personal Hygiene – Preventing Infections

Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways we have to protect others and ourselves from illness. This means not only washing your body, but also your hands, especially. It means being careful not to sneeze or cough on others, cleaning things that you touch if you are unwell, using protection (like gloves…

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How Alcohol Affects Your Body?

Many Americans enjoy a drink. In fact, in United States, most widely used social drug is alcohol. But like all drugs, alcohol can damage your body, especially if you drink in binges or heavily every day. Alcohol affects your body in many ways. Some effects are immediate and last only a while, while others accumulate over…

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