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Talking about your mental health problems

It is hard to talk to people about how you feel. You may be worried that they would not take your feelings seriously. You may also be worried about what will happen after you tell them your problems. If you think you do not know anyone who will listen, you can call a confidential counseling…

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Treatment and Support for Mental Illness in Children

Child or adolescent with a mental health problem usually have difficulty controlling their emotions, thinking or behavior. This can affect the whole family. We can express mental health problems in children through disruptive, angry or hyperactive behavior or through withdrawal, worry and emotional responses. These changes can affect your child’s ability to communicate, learn and…

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Children’s Problems

Children’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. While most children cope well with life’s difficulties, sometimes parents may notice their child’s behavior is unusual or different from other children the same age, it is a sign that your child needs help and support. Children are usually developing well when they enjoy:…

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What is Depression in Children?

Personal disappointments, difficulties or family losses influence children as well as on their parents and adolescent brothers and sisters. Friendship problems and bullying or cyberbullying can have very major effects on how they feel. Not all children can bounce back emotionally.  When children are miserable and show several other changes in behavior that stop them…

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Children With a Disability

Finding out your child has a disability can happen after an accident or illness, at birth or you may find out something is wrong as your child develops. You may feel worried about their quality of life and grief at the loss of dreams for your child’s future. There are big changes for parents and…

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Loneliness and Isolation

What are Loneliness and Isolation? Every one of us feels lonely sometimes, but long periods of loneliness and social isolation can have a negative impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. Common signs of loneliness include: mental health conditions – anxiety, depression, panic attacks or paranoia physical symptoms – headaches, increased aches and pains, worsening…

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