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Looking After a New Baby

Keeping your baby safe is very important. Buying new furniture and other things can excite but before buying it because it looks good, always make sure it is safe. Home safety Trying to keep your house as safe as possible can be difficult. You may like to use a checklist as a starting point for…

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Fever and High Temperatures in Children

Fevers are quite common in young children and are usually mild, but sometimes the causes of a fever will require urgent attention, even in most cases they can be managed at home. What is a fever? A fever is a temperature of 38°C or higher and it is one of the ways the body fights…

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Febrile Convulsions – What You Need to Know?

It’s one of the scariest things to witness, knows any parent who has witnessed their child having a febrile convulsion. Why they happen and what to do when or if it does? Febrile convulsions, sometimes known as fits or fever seizures) are common in children. They affect around 3% of children (which means one child…

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Treating your child’s Fever!

If your child has a fever and is older than 6 months, probably does not need to be treated for the fever unless it is uncomfortable. Watch your child behavior, if he is sleeping, eating and drinking normally, and is able to play, you should wait to see if the fever improves by itself and…

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