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What causes infections?

Infection prevention and control Infections are common in children and often lead to illness. Children first enter early childhood education and care services at a time when their immune systems are still developing. They may not have been exposed to many common germs that cause infections and they may be too young to be vaccinated…

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When Children Feeling Sick

When we are not well, what we most want is someone to look after us, to give us food and sympathy and peace to rest. When children are sick, they need all of this and more. When they are unwell, and especially if they are in pain, children often feel frightened or worried. They need…

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Fever and High Temperatures in Children

Fevers are quite common in young children and are usually mild, but sometimes the causes of a fever will require urgent attention, even in most cases they can be managed at home. What is a fever? A fever is a temperature of 38°C or higher and it is one of the ways the body fights…

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Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics saved many lives and revolutionized medicine following their introduction in the 1940s because they provided a means of treating many infections and diseases, including serious infections, caused by bacteria. What are antibiotics? Antibiotics damage bacteria so the body’s immune system can fight them. They do not work against viruses. Different antibiotics work against different…

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