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Literacy – More than Reading and Writing

Most parents know that reading and writing are very important for children, but how words help us understand our world and make the most of opportunities is much more than reading and writing – it is called ‘literacy’. Children don’t wait till they start school to learn literacy skills. The experiences they have every day…

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Early Childhood Literacy

Literacy involves meaning-making with materials that humans use to communicate and they can be visual, spoken, written, drawn or sung. Definitions vary according to theories, personal values and culture. Literacy development is a foundation for socializing with others, doing well in school, developing independence, working and managing money. To be literate, children learn in a variety…

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Everyday Learning for Literacy and Numeracy

You have a strong influence, as a parent, on your child’s development and learning from their early years and also through school. Encouraging and supporting your child to learn makes a big difference, even you don’t have to be an expert or know how to do work your child is learning. Literacy is the ability…

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Family Learn at Play, Every Day!

Literacy is more than writing and reading. It’s how we make meaning, how we make sense of the world. It’s what we put in and what we take out, it involves all of our senses. Taking time each day to engage in a learning activity will improve your children’s skills dramatically and also provide an opportunity…

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