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Anxiety during Childhood

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood. But as parents and carers, it is sometimes hard to know the difference between normal worries and something more serious. In most cases, anxiety in children is short-lived and goes away after a while. Some examples of normal worry might be: being shy or being worried about being…

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Everyday Learning for Literacy and Numeracy

You have a strong influence, as a parent, on your child’s development and learning from their early years and also through school. Encouraging and supporting your child to learn makes a big difference, even you don’t have to be an expert or know how to do work your child is learning. Literacy is the ability…

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How much sleep do preschoolers and big kids need?

Sleep is very important to kids’ well-being, but the link between a child’s behavior and a lack of sleep isn’t always obvious. When adults are tired, they can be lack energy or grumpy, but kids can become hyper, disagreeable, and have extreme changes in behavior. There’s no exact amount of sleep that all children of…

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Sleep – How Much Is Enough For Your Babies?

Probably the most-discussed aspect of baby care is sleep or lack of it. The quantity and quality of their baby’s sleep affect the well-being of everyone in the household. And sleep struggles rarely end when a child moves from a crib to a bed. Instead of cries, it’s pleas or refusals; instead of a 3 a.m. feeding,…

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