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When Your Teen Is Having a Baby

People feel all sorts of things when they hear their child is going to become a parent at a young age. You could feel shocked, disappointment, anger, and concern about your child’s future. On the other hand, you might think it is wonderful and feel excited about becoming a grandparent. You are also likely to…

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Children and Families at Risk

To enable them to achieve their full potential all children need a nurturing and supportive family and community. For vulnerable children who are exposed to neglect and child abuse, we need to ensure they are supported and protected so they can have the best chance in life. Some children are at a higher risk of…

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Risk Taking Understanding

What is risk taking? Testing the boundaries and trying new things occurs across all developmental stages from birth to old age. When it involves engaging in activities that have the potential to result in harm to oneself or others, it’s defined as risk taking. However, the potential for negative outcomes from their behavior, young people…

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