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Child Sexual Abuse: How to Protect Your Kids?

Child sexual abuse is when an adult or older or stronger child persuades, tricks or forces a child into sexual activity. It includes sexual acts, inappropriate touching, showing the child pornography or sexual acts, or involving them in prostitution. Threats may be used to keep the child silent. Children may be scared that they will…

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Babies and Safety

An important part of caring for your new baby is providing a safe environment. Babies need to be safe at home and when they’re away from home. There are some simple things you can do to help keep your baby safe and secure. Most injuries to babies do not occur by chance or by bad…

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Online Safety: Smart Surfing!

How could we live without devices that allow us to go online, our laptops, smartphones and other? That’s how most of us take pictures, do our homework, find out the latest news, do research, keep in touch with family and friends and even shop. But besides the things to do and millions of sites to…

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