Being a parent – ”Easy” Guide

A role that can bring you happiness and great joy as well as challenges to deal with is being a parent. Watching your child grow your child and nurturing them and develop into their own unique person can add purpose and meaning to your life. Looking after yourself, so you can be your best for your family and children is an important part of parenting.

The role of parents

There are many different ways to be a parent. For the most part the law allows parents to bring up children according to their own beliefs and values as long as taken care of children’s welfare is. The most important thing is that children have love, care and the warmth they need for their development and wellbeing.

Parents can help children prepare for adults life and achieve their best by:

  • building their resilience and confidence
  • providing opportunities to explore and learn
  • providing guidance and safe boundaries
  • learning children how to get along with others.

Children are a unique individual with their own qualities and temperament. Parents need to adapt their parenting and be flexible to meet their child’s needs.

While many parents bring skills and strengths to their parenting, some find they learn and grow, just as children learn and grow. They come to what they need and understand more about children at each stage of their development.

What influences our parenting?

The relationships we have with our own parents and how we were raised are often the biggest influences on our parenting. You might have memories about what was important for you and what worked well in your own childhood. You can do things differently or repeat patterns from the past for your own children. It’s up to you to decide the kind of parent you want to be.

Our parenting can also be influenced by:

  • our religion or culture
  • what we see family, friends and others doing
  • images of families and parents we see in the media
  • our life circumstances, e.g. income, job, health
  • the amount of emotional or practical support we have from friends, family or services.

The most important thing you can do as a parent is a show child you love them. Getting to know each other and enjoying time together builds your relationship and a strong foundation for parenting.

Looking after you

Being a parent takes a lot of emotional and physical energy. It is harder to be your best as parent, if you become worn out, stressed or tired. Here are some things that can prevent stress building up and help you have balance in your life.

Enjoy being with your children; notice what’s unique and special about them.

Make a habit of pausing and noticing the good things that are happening, as you go about your busy day. Be kind to yourself and be realistic about what you can achieve and don’t expect to be perfect. Do things you enjoy and take time to relax. Keep up your hobbies and interests and catch up with friends.

Well, the job of a parent never ends, so we prepared some useful tips to guide you. After you fill this contact form, we will send you that tips.

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