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Child Sexual Abuse: How to Protect Your Kids?

Child sexual abuse is when an adult or older or stronger child persuades, tricks or forces a child into sexual activity. It includes sexual acts, inappropriate touching, showing the child pornography or sexual acts, or involving them in prostitution. Threats may be used to keep the child silent. Children may be scared that they will…

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The Whole Family Can Learn Together

Families encourage learning in lots of fun ways, making a big difference in their children’s growth and development. Families can make a big difference by helping children to learn new things, reading and supporting their interests. Who is a family? All the people who share in the caring and nurturing of a child are family.…

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Warning Signs of Suicide

Almost everyone who is thinking about suicide will usually give warnings or signs to people around them. The best way to prevent suicide is to recognize these warning signs, take them seriously and act on them. A person might show they are considering suicide in how they feel, talk and behave. How they feel and…

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Help me! I’m “stressed”

The first step in managing stress is to acknowledge that it exists. If possible, remove yourself from the stressful location or situation and find a quiet space. Take a deep slow breath, take another one, and another one. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts, and bring yourself to the moment. A clear mind…

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Why Preschoolers get Aggressive?

Why it happens and what to do about it? Aggression is a normal part of a child’s development, as shocking as it may be to you. Lots of children this age kick, hit, scream themselves in the face or grab toys from classmates, from time to time. The cause may be a simple case of…

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