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Problem-solving with Teenagers

Problem-solving is an important life skill for teenagers to learn. You can help your child develop this skill by using problem-solving at home. Everybody needs to solve problems every day. But we are not born with the skills we need to do this – we have to develop them. Often you can solve problems by…

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Help your Teenager to Deal with Depression

Help your teenager to set realistic goals Encourage your teenager to set realistic goals. Also, help them to think of different ways in which they can achieve their goals and to select the best one. Set an example for your teenager by showing them how to do things that need to be done, even tasks…

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Ups and Downs: Cycles of Adolescent Moods

Ups and downs are a normal part of our lives, adolescent included. Adolescents have a lot going on physically, emotionally and socially, which helps to explain why they might be having more moods than before. Some days your child might be cheerful and excited, while other days he might seem flat, low or sad. This…

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