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About Depression in Men

Depression is a mental illness that can affect men of all ages and backgrounds. It is very common, around one in eight American men experience depression at some stage in their lives. When men have depression, it is much more than a temporary bad mood that lasts a few days. Rather, depression is a long-term condition…

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Warning Signs of Suicide

Almost everyone who is thinking about suicide will usually give warnings or signs to people around them. The best way to prevent suicide is to recognize these warning signs, take them seriously and act on them. A person might show they are considering suicide in how they feel, talk and behave. How they feel and…

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Youth Mental Health Issues

Mental health disorders that emerge during the formative years of childhood can have a lasting impact on the health and well-being of the individual and on the lives of those around them. Unlike many other health conditions, the experience of a mental health disorder is unique to the individual, meaning that the impact of the…

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Youth Suicide Warning Signs

It’s quite common for young people to feel strong emotions while going through the ups and downs of adolescence. But for some young people, the downs can be so intense and extreme that they think about taking their own life. So how do you figure out what’s within a ‘normal range’ and when you should…

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What is Suicide Bereavement?

Suicide Bereavement is the deep sadness and mourning that often occurs after the loss of a loved one to suicide. Grief is a normal response to losing someone important to us, while when someone dies by suicide we may experience many complex thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. While many of these relate to the person no…

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Thinking about Suicide

Thinking about suicide does not make you weak or bad. There are people you can turn to for help. What does it mean to be suicidal? Feeling suicidal? You are not alone … On average, one person dies by suicide every seven hours in the state. In 2017 in Georgia 1,317 people died by suicide.…

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