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Preventing Violence Against Women

It is never too early to talk with your child about respectful relationships. Early conversations and role- modeling will help your child develop and maintain respectful relationships throughout life. Also, open, early conversations also send the message that your child can come to you to talk about his relationships. As a parent, there is a…

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Parent Abuse

Most parents and young people arguments, disagree or have a conflict at times. However, it is more than conflict, if a young person is abusive or violent. It is an attempt to control and have power over parent or others in the home. It can happen in families of any religion, culture or situation in…

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Work and Your Health

Work is important on many levels to most of us. It is very important doing a job we find satisfying and we enjoy because it can provide a meaningful focus for our lives, as well as bringing in an income. On the money we make, hinges our standard of living, while employment often contributes to…

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How Alcohol Affects Your Body?

Many Americans enjoy a drink. In fact, in United States, most widely used social drug is alcohol. But like all drugs, alcohol can damage your body, especially if you drink in binges or heavily every day. Alcohol affects your body in many ways. Some effects are immediate and last only a while, while others accumulate over…

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